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Cluster Activities: a connection between the companies and the territory

DITEDI – Digital Technologies District, is the managing body of the ICT and Digital Cluster appointed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region (regional law n. 3, 20 Feb 2015, art. 15, paragraph 2.ter.1). On a regional level, it represents the main point of contact among the main players in the regional digital ecosystem, ICT companies and the manufacturing companies.

Cluster Development

DITEDI’s activities aim to support the improvement of the competitiveness of companies and the dissemination of digital skills in all sectors of the economy of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region while increasing the value of regional ICT companies and the international attractiveness of our territory, contributing to the development of the so-called Advanced Manufacturing Valley.

DITEDI aims to follow and take care of the following initiatives within its main annual project:

  • cluster activities in order to encourage collaboration, information sharing and the availability of specialized and personalized business support services;
  • cluster marketing activities aimed at promoting the participation of new companies or organizations, and increasing the visibility of the whole cluster;
  • organization of workshops, seminars and conferences to ease the knowledge sharing and to disseminate digital culture to businesses.

Core Activities

As part of the activities recognized by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, DITEDI has a regional representing role in the following three different areas:

a) Revision and implementation of the regional smart specialisation strategy (S3);

b) Participation in the thematic platforms of the European Commission;

c) Participation in National Technological Clusters.

DITEDI’s activities can be divided into Projects and Services

Cluster growth activities

Industry Platform 4 FVG (IP4FVG)

DITEDI is one of the partners of IP4FVG, the Digital Hub of Friuli Venezia Giulia. IP4FVG is a regional platform created to accelerate business digitization, with particular attention to SMEs. IP4FVG supports companies in the adoption of new technologies aimed at the digital transformation of industrial manufacturing processes and promotes the technological updating of IT operators in the area.


International Summer School on Artificial Intelligence (AI-DLDA)

We have been part of the organisation of the International Summer School on Artificial Intelligence since 2018, along with the University of Udine and Area Science Park. The Summer School aims to provide high scientific skills to employees and professionals of companies engaged in the development of artificial intelligence. It is also a point of contact between companies and international researchers competent in the field, by promoting the innovation of products and productive processes.


Economic analysis of the ICT sector

In June 2020 a survey was launched with the collaboration of the Universities of Udine and Trieste. The survey analyzed the economic trend of the regional ICT sector, with strategic and competitive analysis, in light of the Covid19 emergency.


ICT mapping

The ICT mapping is a qualitative analysis supported by AREA Science Park, to deepen the knowledge of the regional digital ecosystem and facilitate the identification and involvement of ICT companies within the activities of the IP4FVG project..


Technical Provider for manufacturing 4.0

A cycle of webinars to promote the “ICT Solutions for Manufacturing 4.0”, with the participation of the regional Technical Providers.



Biweekly informational desk organised with the Insiel technicians, to deepen the IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) of the regional in house and the collaboration opportunities with IT companies in the region.


Mentoring 4.0

Mentoring activities offered to the pupils of the lower secondary school classes, to help them understand more about the jobs of the future; mentoring and training their path towards a greater awareness of digital challenges, regardless of training and professional choices.


Internet School for Everyone

Born from the collaboration between Fondazione Mondo Digitale and Operation Risorgimento Digitale, the initiative aims to encourage the skills and participation of Italian citizens in the digital world and is designed for anyone: not just citizens belonging to different generations or with different degrees of experience and knowledge of the subject, but it is also addressed to the Public Administration and companies, in order to acquire skills and integration of the Industry 4.0 into one’s working and organizational method.

Business services

DITEDI provides to the ICT Cluster companies a series of growth and internationalization support services, which can be customized according to specific needs.

The activities are developed with our staff and with the involvement of external consultants and experts, identified on the basis of the necessary skills and through collaboration with institutional partners.

Our services are guaranteed for the affiliated companies at a reduced price.

Our active services are:

  • crowdfunding
  • startup and grow up
  • education
  • business networks
  • companies digitization
  • matching & networking
  • GDPR Service Desk
  • press releases
  • seminars, workshops and events
Send us an email for any further information: info@ditedi.it