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The Digital Technologies District of Friuli Venezia Giulia

We have been promoting and supporting the growth of the ICT sector in the Friuli Venezia Giulia area since 2009.

DITEDI was born as the District of Digital Technologies with the goal to represent many different digital companies that had their headquarters in Tavagnacco, Udine and Reana del Rojale. Over the years, DITEDI has seen important growth, overcame geographical limits and was eventually recognized in 2016 by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region as the manager of the regional ICT Cluster.

Lately a young, dynamic staff deals daily with ensuring high value-added services to businesses, citizens and the public administration, to improve competition, representing the interests of digital companies and promoting the development of IT infrastructures.

The role of connecting the manufacturing companies of the region is one of the most important activities. DITEDI offers the possibility to increase competitiveness with the implementation of digital skills through the services offered by the ICT companies within its network.

Organisational Chart

The team deals every day with guaranteeing high value-added services to businesses, citizens and the Public Administration.

Our team

Project Manager
Francesco Contin

Communication & Administration
Sara Grassi Sgarban

Marketing & Development
Deborah Serafini

Innovation Manager
Riccardo Mazzolo

Data Protection Officer
Stefano Gazzella

Board of Directors

Mario Pezzetta (President)
Michele Nencioni (Vice President)
Fabiano Benedetti
Fabio Bottega
Matteo Pappalardo
Roberto Siagri
Carlo Tasso

Assembly Associates

Municipality of Tavagnacco, City of Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Chamber of Commerce, Pordenone-Udine, Confindustria Udine, Confartigianato Udine, Arte Video Srl, Inasset Srl, VI-Grade Srl, Infofactory Srl, Tecnoteca Srl, Cogito Srl, Eurotech spa, BeanTech srl, Nordest Servizi Srl, Thinking Flows srls, Video Systems srl


DITEDI Digital Technologies District s.c. a r.l.

Via L’Aquila, 1 33010 Feletto Umberto Tavagnacco (Ud)